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Applying to College

To apply for a place at Godalming College use the online application system.

Before you start, there are a few things that you should have ready to hand or should have considered:

Listing your exam subjects/results

These are important because they indicate which type of qualifications and subjects you might enjoy and do well at when thinking about sixth form studies; if you have not taken your mock GCSEs when you apply, indicate your latest predicted grades.

Possible courses/subjects

You may already know the courses you are interested in taking, alternatively you may still wish to keep your options open. Take time to read through the prospectus and look at subject leaflets on our website. You can list up to six possible courses at this stage, but you do not have to make six choices.

Stating a medical history, current illness, disability or learning support need

You can be assured that this DOES NOT affect your application, it simply helps to make us aware of any issues that we might need to discuss with you in order to support you in your studies.

Telling us more about your interests

This is your chance to indicate your interests outside the classroom, and any ideas that you may have at this stage about a future career. This is really helpful when it comes to your Course Advice Session!

Our statistics

92.6% of students receiving bursary payments agree that the level of support received has been handled sensitively and effectively

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