Supporting you

Our philosophy is that all students should be supported on a personal and individual basis in terms of both academic progress and general welfare and well-being. It is our aim to ensure that you not only achieve your educational goals but that you become thoughtful and active citizens leaving College with confidence, commitment and optimism for the future.

Personal Tutors

College is all about transitions: from schools into college and, almost as soon as you have settled here, from college to university or employment. All students are assigned a personal tutor who will be a guide and mentor, keeping an eye on your progress, offering support when necessary and encouraging you to take responsibility for your learning and your future. Tutor Group sessions take place once a week and are used for one-to-one discussions and for whole group activities to support your wider development.

Student Reviews and Reports

Student reviews giving an account of progress in terms of attendance, effort, performance against target grades are issued to all students and their parents twice a year. Students will have, as a minimum, a personal review of progress with each of their subject teachers at least five times across a two year level 3 or A level/ BTEC programme. In addition, students will meet with their personal tutors three or four times a year for a progress check. There are three parents’ evenings across the two years when parents can meet with subject teachers to discuss academic progress.

Shaping Futures

Shaping Futures is the name we give to the programme of activities delivered in tutor group time and in a range of university style lectures and activities such as Safe Drive Stay Alive, cross-college debates, visiting speakers, and careers support. In total, Shaping Futures is designed to build your life skills, study skills, and social understanding. In this way we aim to broaden your education and help you develop as an independent, confident and well-informed person who is ready to take your place as an adult in the wider world.

Shaping futures also embraces the careers support you will receive to: a) help you decide what you want to do next- whether college, university, travel or work, b) assist you in writing and submitting well thought out and convincing university and job applications. In other words, Shaping Futures is also about giving you a clear sense of direction in your life following the completion of your secondary education at Godalming.

Our statistics

94.8% of students feel that the College facilities provide a pleasant environment in which to study

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