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Advanced Study Programme (Level 3)

You are able to choose an Advanced Study Programme that is individualised to suit your interests and abilities. It will provide you with the knowledge skills and experiences to progress successfully to university, an apprenticeship or employment.

Your Advanced Study Programme (Level 3) will typically consist of 3 core subjects +1 additional option. In the first year this might be an AS course progression option or enrichment such as sport, music or drama. 

In the second year your +1 might be a progression option such as The Extended Project Qualification , Arts Award, Core Maths or a Sports Leaders Award.

GCSE qualifications are most suitable for Level 3 study. A lack of GCSE English Language at grade 4 will significantly restrict study programme options. Equivalent qualifications at Level 2 in vocational courses are accepted, provided they are related to the course which has been applied for. However, theses courses are not adequate for entry alone for an Advanced Study Programme and would always need to be accompanied by an appropriate range of GCSEs.

What is an Advanced (Level 3) Qualification

At Godalming College we offer A Levels, Pre-U and BTEC Nationals. They attract UCAS points for university and are useful to provide evidence of advanced level study for employers and apprenticeship providers.

Advanced (Level 3) Entry Requirements

If you achieve at least 5 GCSEs at grade 9-4 you will qualify for study on a Level 3 programme. GCSEs are the most suitable qualifications for study at this level. See individual course for additional entry requirements in some subjects.

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Kander and Ebb’s musical 'Cabaret' has to be one of the greatest musicals of all time. Not only does it have some stunning songs and fascinating characters, it has a compelling and highly political story-line with a message from history that cannot be ignored. Set in the decadent Berlin of the early 1930's during the uninhibited era of the Weimar Republic, it sets the rise of the Nazis against the apathy of the masses, and describes a wind of change that would have terrifying consequences for all. 

ClassAction’s production showed explicitly how late Weimar decadence became the soil in which Nazism flourished. Everything about this production reinforced the political message. The multi-leveled set and staging demolished the distinction between the Kit Kat Club and the world outside. The lighting evoked a Berlin swathed in crepuscular gloom, enveloped occasionally with a threatening and foreboding red. And the choreography suggests a society dancing on the edge of an abyss. 

Cabaret is a deeply political musical, and ClassAction gave it a deeply political and very moving revival at Studio 816 at Godalming College in a sold out run.

“We use our art-form to question the world, and our place within it, and in these crazy times there is a lot of questioning to be done!” Andrew Pullen. Head of Drama “If you take another’s narrative, you have a chance to understand a truth. Fiction is the lie that tells the truth – we all have an obligation to imagine. Individuals make the future and they do it by imagining that things can be different”

ClassAction’s production led a smiling audience into a world of horror. When you catch sight of the first swastika it creates a real chill, and it becomes very clear that the party in Berlin is soon to be over.  

Our main college productions offer the whole college community a chance to take part in high quality performance work, and offers a rich and varied artistic programme of work for audiences in STUDIO 816. It also offers our audiences the chance to see our young practitioners at the start of their creative journeys whilst they are still training.  

ClassAction is the student-based company at Godalming College. ClassAction aims to produce work that is provoking, entertaining, popular, eclectic, messy, contradictory and diverse. We want to be at the heart of our community here in Godalming as well taking our work out to the wider community. “Made In Godalming”. We want to celebrate the creative power of collaboration as we encourage the next generation of theatre makers to be bold, be rebellious and to make good art – because it matters.

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