History AS/A Level

History AS/A Level

The History Department is one of the largest departments in College and provides a stimulating learning environment in which students not only develop their knowledge and understanding but also gain strong academic skills.

You may choose from two different History courses. Each course covers at least 200 years and includes British History.

Course A - Power and Rebellion

In Unit 1 you will study the Wars of the Roses and Henry VII from 1445 to 1509. Unit 2 is focused on the French Revolution and Napoleon from 1774 to 1815. In the second year of the course you will study Tudor Rebellions, 1485 to 1603 and complete coursework.

Course B - Democracy and Dictatorship

In Unit 1 you will study the first four Tudor monarchs from 1485 to 1558. Unit 2 is focused on Germany from 1919 to 1963. In the second year of the course you will study Civil Rights in the USA 1865 to 1992 and complete coursework.

The History Department is vibrant offering many opportunities to extend interest in the subject including day trips; opportunities to hear external speakers and lecturers as well as residential trips to Berlin and Krakow.

Entry requirements: Grade C in History if taken; newcomers to the subject are welcomed.

Course assessment: Written exams and coursework in the second year.

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