Music Technology AS/A Level

Music Technology AS/A Level

The Music Technology A level course introduces you to some of the disciplines involved in the academic study of the subject. It develops the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to compose, sequence, record, analyse and produce music.

Taught by experienced teachers, the key focus of the course is mastery of the different disiplines within Music Technology. You will spend time understanding the science behind sound and applying your understanding through professional standard multi-track recordings made in the studio. You will develop musical listening and appraising skills through the study of the history of popular music and apply their knowledge through composing in particular styles or to set briefs.

You will also learn advanced Logic X editing and manipulation skills and processes which are applied through sequencing and composition work, as well as through the mixing and mastering process of the multi-track recording.

Entry requirements: English and Maths GCSE at grade C or above.

Course assessment: AS year - 70% coursework and 30% examination A2 year - 60% coursework and 40% examination

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