Ancient History AS/A level

Ancient History AS/A level

Godalming College is proposing to offer Ancient History as a new A level subject to start in September 2017. The course would allow students to study a range of Ancient Greek and Roman History to gain an understanding of the classical period and how it shaped the world around us.

Ancient History would be made up of four topics.

  • Greek Period Study - relations between Greek and non-Greek states, 492-404 BC (25%)

  • Greek Depth Study - the politics and culture of Athens c.460-399 BC (25%)

  • Roman Period Study - the Julio-Claudian Emperors, 31 BC-AD 68 (25%)

  • Roman Depth Study- Ruling Roman Britian, AD 43-128 (25%)

    Entry requirements: Grade C in History if taken; newcomers to the subject are welcomed

    Course assessment: The course is assessed via two, 2 hour 30 minute exams at the end of the second year.

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