French AS/A Level

French AS/A Level

This course will build on your existing GCSE knowledge of French – all the skills, vocabulary and structures you have already learned form the foundation for the two available qualifications: AS standalone (1 year course) and A level (2 year linear course). In this course you will engage in a wide range of activities and skills in lessons which will be delivered by native speakers. You will become confident in the use of tenses and complex grammatical structures. You will broaden your vocabulary rapidly and will develop new skills such as translating. You will also increase your knowledge and understanding of aspects of the French society, culture and the culture of the Francophone world. It will also help to develop your critical thinking skills and you will learn to express your own ideas and opinions in both written and spoken French.

You will have the opportunity to speak French in the classroom and in small conversation groups. In addition to speaking French in class, you will have an extra session with the French Assistant once a week. There will be opportunities to take part in a one-week residential trip in the first year and a week of work experience in the second year.

At Advanced Subsidiary Level (One year course) you will learn more about the French Speaking world looking at artistic culture such as music and its impact on pop culture, cinema and tourism. You will also cover the recent changes in family structure, cyber-society as well as the place of voluntary work in the French Speaking world. Added to this you will have the opportunity to study a French film. At A Level you will cover the same themes as the Advanced Subsidiary level but in more details in your first year and in your second year you will develop ‘un œil critique’ on some more complex issues including multiculturalism, immigration and the prison system in the ‘Francophonie’. The study of a French book and an independent research project on a subject of personal interest will complete your course.

Entry requirements: Grade 6 in French or equivalent foreign qualification.

Course assessment: Listening, reading and writing papers and oral exams.

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