History of Art A Level

History of Art A Level

The new Art History specification is an exciting, modern, relevant course which will interest all those who have an interest in our culture and that of other eras and peoples. The course has been designed to offer students the opportunity to explore the Art and Architecture of the world across different Themes and Periods. This is a far-reaching course which will integrate effectively with a range of other subjects and enhance your enjoyment of the world around you.

All students will learn the vocabulary and skills of formal analysis across painting, sculpture and architecture. This visual literacy is combined with analysis and debate to offer valuable learning and key transferable skills for today's visual world.

You will develop the ability to explore and respond to art works and to understand how and why they were created. The principal aim of the course is to allow the students to develop their own critical judgement and become well versed in the history of both art (including architecture) and artists. Art History is offered by a wide range of excellent universities. Many students also find that it offers a highly relevant insight into humanity, philosophy and the making of art which creates a versatile and positive outlook and basis for our rapidly changing world.

Entry requirements: GCSE grade 5 or above in English and one other Humanities subject. No previous knowledge of Art History is required. Students who wish to study this course do not have to have any practical artistic skills as it is based on written research and direct observation.

Course assessment: There will be two three hour exams at the end of the second year.

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