Law AS/A Level

Law AS/A Level

In AS Law, you will learn how the English Legal System works - including the courts - and how our laws are made by Parliament and by judges. You will also study general principles of criminal liability, including non-fatal offences against the person, and contract law. Throughout the course we will refer to current news stories to illustrate and reinforce the topical relevance of your studies.

For A level Law, you will learn about the nature of law and the English Legal system. This will provide you with the essential legal knowledge and develop your critical thinking skills which you will use in studying both private (Law of Contract / Tort) and public law (Criminal Law/ Human Rights). In the second year you will also consider the philosophical context of Law – for example, the relationship between Law and morality.

Entry requirements: Grade 4 in English

Course assessment: All by written exams; no coursework

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