Mathematics/Further Mathematics AS/A Level

Mathematics/Further Mathematics AS/A Level

Further Mathematics A level is studied with Mathematics A level and provides a double A level qualification in Mathematics. You are strongly advised to take this course if you wish to study Mathematics at university.

In the first year of the course you will complete A level Mathematics, which comprises Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. During the second year you will study the Further Mathematics A level course. This contains further work on Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics and some work on Decision Mathematics may be introduced. Complex numbers, matrices, hyperbolic functions and differential equations are studied and vectors and calculus are considered in more depth. p>

It is possible for A level Mathematics students to take Further Mathematics AS in their second year.

Entry requirements: Grade 7 in Mathematics, but an 8 or 9 recommended. You must enjoy the study of Mathematics as you will be doing twice as many lessons in this subject as your other subjects.

Course assessment: Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are assessed by external written examination

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