Government and Politics

Government and Politics

Government and Politics is a fast paced, rapidly changing subject to study. Many students find the opportunity to investigate the historical and conceptual background to political events intellectually stimulating. For those who love the cut and thrust of debate and getting to grips with events as they unfold, this subject is for you. It will give you the opportunity to investigate the great political issues of the day and provide you with plenty of opportunity to inform and express your views on those events. It will certainly sharpen the analytical edge of your thoughts.

In the first year of the course you will study two units: People and Politics, and Governing in the UK. In the second year the focus moves to the study of power structures in global politics and contemporary global political issues such as International Terrorism and Human Rights.

The Department supplements the classroom-based study with visits to Westminster and the Supreme Court for instance and in addition entertains a number of visiting speakers at College.

Entry requirements: Grade 4 in English

Course assessment: All by external exams

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