Psychology AS/A Level

Psychology AS/A Level

The AS course provides a general introduction to Psychology; a recognised science subject. You will develop knowledge, understanding and skills of analysis in relation to a variety of topics commencing with the main psychological approaches to explaining human behaviour. Topics include social influence, biological psychology, cognitive psychology involving memory, developmental psychology involving caregiver-infant attachments and psychopathology involving the causes and treatments of mental illness. In addition there is a significant component on Research Methods covering how psychologists conduct research and analyse data.

The A level course includes the same topics as the AS course but in greater detail due to the greater depth required in assessment. In addition the topics of gender development, aggression, Schizophrenia and current debates within Psychology are covered. There is a significant statistical component examining how psychologists conduct research, analyse statistical data and write scientific reports where a number of statistical tests will be performed. A number of different psychological approaches to explaining behaviour will also be examined, for example the Biological and Psychodynamic approach. Students who like analysing material and prefer scientific orientated subjects particularly enjoy and succeed in psychology.

Entry requirements: To study the AS course a GCSE in Maths, English and Core and Additional Science are required at grade 4/5 or at grade 5 to study the full A level. If separate sciences have been studied, two GCSEs at grade 4/5, one preferably in Biology.

Course assessment: AS Psychology: Two externally assessed exams both 90 minute duration with questions consisting of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing.

A level Psychology: Three externally assessed exams all of 2 hour duration with questions consisting of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing.

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