Vocational and Practical Programmes

Godalming College offers a range of vocational and practical courses, which provide a skills-based approach to learning and prepare students for working life. The modules are mainly assessed through coursework and practical assignments linked to real life experiences. These qualifications are highly valued by employers and have grades of pass, merit, distinction or distinction* which have an equivalence to A levels for those seeking entry into higher education.

Students can follow a whole programme of vocational and practical courses or they can be combined with A levels in other subjects. We offer BTEC National qualifications or Cambridge Technical Qualifications in the following subject areas.

Subject + 1 AS level
=1 A Level

=2 A Levels

=3 A Levels

Applied Science  Certificate Extended Certificate  
Business  Certificate Extended Certificate Diploma  
Dance   Certificate Extended Certificate    
Hospitality and Event Management  Certificate Extended Certificate    
IT   Introductory Diploma Diploma  
Media   Diploma  
Music Technology   Extended Certificate    
Performing Arts   Certificate Extended Certificate Diploma  
Sport   Extended Certificate   Extended Diploma
Travel and Tourism  Certificate Extended Certificate    
Duration  One year Over two years

If you know you want to pursue a particular career in a more vocational pathway you might consider combining BTEC programmes with certain A levels, for example:

  • Sport related: BTEC Extended Certificate in Sports, Biology and PsychologyA level
  • Creative Media related: BTEC Diploma in Media, Art or Graphic Design, English Language and Literature A level
  • Performing Arts related: BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts, Drama A level
  • Business related: BTEC Extended Certificate in Hospitality and Event Management, BTEC Extended Certificate in Business, French A level
  • Digitally related: CTEC Extended Certificate in IT, Graphic Design, Media A level
We can offer work experience opportunities for vocational pathways which will broaden your learning programme further and build your CV for applications to university and employment.

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