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What is a study programme?

Our aim is to provide you with a study programme that is individualised and suits your interests, abilities and future aspirations. A study programme consists of:

  • 'Two Year' courses: A levels and BTEC subjects taken over a two year period
  • 'One Year' courses: Stand-alone AS Levels, GCSEs or other formal qualifications to broaden your education which are taken alongside your two-year courses
  • Shaping Futures: Tutorial time - lectures, classes, or one-off events covering things like, life skills, study skills, careers preparation, employability
  • Enrichment: such as sport, drama, music and dance, DofE community and charity work, many clubs and societies
All students will have an individualised study programme that suits their abilities, interests and future aspirations. Collectively these elements will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experiences to progress to further and higher education and employment.

Our statistics

95.7% of students agree that teachers / staff help ensure that College is a safe and pleasant place to in which to learn
RLC band

Great experience with the Band of the Royal Logistic Corps

Felix Rockhill and Daniel Baumberg were invited to play in a jazz themed concert with world renowned big band trumpet player, Louis Dowdeswell and the Band of the Royal Logistic Corps.  The two Godalming College students who both play the euphonium and trombone were a substitute for SSGT John Storey who had another engagement to attend that evening.

Both Felix and Daniel were engaged for two days for rehearsals before the performance and reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Daniel, who is a Euphonium student of John Storey’s says ‘Playing with the band was a great experience and the standard of playing was really high. I found some of the music quite challenging, although some of the arrangements I'd already played elsewhere. The difference between youth music groups and the RLC (and possibly professional music as a whole) is that rehearsals are mostly focused on making sure that everything is really tight and polished as well as consistent. A conductor once told a youth brass band I was in, "we practice it until we can play it right”, in the RLC they practice it until they can't play it wrong! I enjoyed playing with a band which made such a good sound, but it was very nerve wracking as I didn’t want to let them or John down. It was also interesting to learn a bit more about music in the forces.”

SSGT Storey praised both students for their ability and is keen to involve them and other students in rehearsals for a performance at the Princes Hall in November.

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