Exams information

AS/A and GCSE exams are administered by the Exams Office. Students will be advised by their subject teacher which exams they will be sitting in November and/or June. Students who have had exam concessions at senior school need to contact study support shortly after enrolment. Students are responsible for checking their entries and informing the Exams Office if there are any queries.

The main exam season during the academic year is May/June and the following timetable applies:

October  Identified students will be able to view their timetable for November examinations
Maths and English GCSE re-sits
End of February
Students able to view and check statement of entry for May/June written exams
Personalised individual timetables available 
Written exams 
Summer exam results announced 

Important information for all students

Exam start times The majority of exams will start at 9:00am and 1:30pm. Students should ensure that they arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their exam. 

Unable to attend an exam The Exams Office must be advised straight away with reason for absence if a student is unable to attend an exam. For absence due to illness, a doctors letter will be required. Please check with the exams officer for further information. Where a student attends an exam but is unwell, parents/carers/students must inform the exams office immediately after each exam. Students with infectious diseases will not be allowed to sit exams. Contact the exams office for advice. The College reserves the right to charge for unexplained absences.

Equipment It is the student’s responsibility to bring all pens, calculators, mathematical instruments etc. to an exam. Equipment will not be provided by the College. Write in black only. Do not use gel pens, highlighters or correction materials in your answers.

Valuables Invigilators will not be responsible for valuables in the exam room. If you leave valuables in a bag outside an exam room or in a cloakroom, you do so at your own risk. The College will not be liable if anything is lost or stolen. Please leave valuables at home.

Mobile phones Students must not bring mobile phones or smart watches into the exam room. Please remember that if you are found to have a phone, ipod, smart watch or any other electrical gadget on your person during an exam you will be reported to the exam board and your paper cancelled. Exam boards do not allow appeals on mobile phone disqualifications. 

Exam regulations issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications can be found here.

Important Information for Students and their parent 
Use of a calculator in external examinations
8.1 Information for candidates – controlled assessments
8.2 Information for candidates – coursework
8.3 Information for candidates – non examination assessments
8.4 Information for candidates – on screen tests
8.5 Information for candidates – Privacy Notice
8.6 Information for candidates – social media
8.7 Information for candidates – written examinations

Results Day

Follow the link below to the relevant fact sheet about receiving results in August 2017.  Read the information carefully and print off or save as a reference.  If you need help following your exam results please use the contact details contained within these sheets.

results day leaflet - Access
results day leaflet - lower sixth
results day leaflet - upper sixth

Your examination certificates will be sent to you by registered post later in the year.  If you change your address after leaving College and before you receive your certificates please make sure you let the exams office know so that you certificates are delivered to you safely.

Exam paper re-call and review of marking

Exam Paper re-calls

Priority exam papers for AS level written exams are available to order using the Wisepay online payment system. Students should request these if they wish to obtain teacher advice prior to a review of marking. N.B. this service is only available for approximately seven days after results day.

Non-priority papers can also be ordered online and students may wish to use these for re-sit/revision purposes. NB. These papers take 8 weeks to be returned by the exam boards.

Both of these services incur a fee and information will be available before results are due.

Review of Marking

A review of marking permission slip must be obtained from a Director of Faculty.

Priority reviews of marking are only available for upper sixth students where a university place has been lost. review of marking cannot be purchased online as the student must come into college to obtain advice and a permission slip from a Director of Faculty. Students must also sign a review of marking consent form at the exams office, confirming they understand that their grade can go down as well as up. This service is only available for about 7 days after results’ day.

Non-Priority reviews of marking are available following the issue of November and summer exam results. Review of marking cannot be purchased online as the student must come into college to obtain advice and a permission slip from a Director of Faculty . Students must also sign a review of marking consent form at the exams office confirming they understand that their grade can go down as well as up.

Students who sat their AS exams in summer are advised to wait until they return to college in September and seek advice from their subject teacher prior to requesting permission for post results services.

This service is usually available for approximately four weeks from results’ day.

The cost per paper varies according to exam boards and level of service. It is likely to be between £45-£60. 


Exam re-sits

Current Students

Re-sits for written exams are available in June. Generally speaking, coursework, practicals and Orals are not available to re-sit. Students are advised that doing more than two re-sits may cause exams overload.

Any necessary resits will be discussed with your teachers at enrolment. Resits must be booked and paid for during January. Information will be e-mailed during December.

Prices of each paper and deadlines are displayed on the online payments system. We are unable to give refunds once re-sits have been booked online.

Instructions about re-sits will be sent to students a week in advance of online payments being available.

Exams information for ex-students

There is no automatic right to re-sit exams once a student has left the College. Generally, re-sits are only offered to those students who have narrowly missed their university place. Ex-students must come into college to obtain a permission slip from the Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Quality, to sit exams in June of the year after leaving. Re-sits for ex-students cannot be offered after more than one academic year of their leaving date.

An administration fee is payable for each session as well as individual exam fees. We are unable to give refunds under any circumstances.

Students must come to the exams office with their permission slip, results’ slip, fee and two stamped addressed envelopes by 31st January.

Please note that we are unable to offer practical, coursework or speaking exam re-sits to ex-students.

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