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'Cardinal Sin' Wins 2017 SPoKE Film Competition

History of Art student Amber Bardell earnt herself a prize of £200 and some great work experience opportunities with important players in the industry when she won the 2017 SPoKE film competition at a national award ceremony last weekend. Amber's Film Cardinal Sin relates to her study of History of Art as she describes below and fulfils the rules of the competition by being underpinned by sold academic research.
'I visited an exhibition at a small gallery in Amsterdam displaying work from two of my favourite artists: Banksy and Andy Warhol. It was really interesting to see both of their work in conversation with each other as Bansky had made works inspired by Warhol. Cardinal's sin is a baroque style bust of a member of the clergy which banks had sawn the face off and replaced it with mosaic tiles to make a pixelated face. The work brought up a lot of questions about morality and trust within the church and looking at prestigious figures with uncertainty as we realise that they have committed such immoral offences. '

'I created the video completely on my own, shooting videos of the book I got at the gift shop from the exhibition for reference and mainly deducing my
own opinions about the work. I'm a very creative person and I have recently discovered my love for film, making short films in my spare time and this competition seemed like a brilliant way to get some exposure. Currently I am doing a lot of things aside from college to help start my career in film and winning this competition has really helped get me out there.  I'd like to thank everyone for being so positive about my work as I know I want to improve my skills and hopefully make far better films in the future. It's also nice to see something good come from pure creativity and passion because I don't have the best equipment or wealth of knowledge but I'm working on it. I intend to spend most of the prize money on a mic for my camera to improve audio quality when shooting.'

Judges for this year's competition are Abigail Harrison-Moore (Head of History of Art, Leeds University), Tim Porter (producer: Neverland), Rupert Issacson (author producer: The Horse Boy), Nick Ross (Director of Art History Abroad).

Amber's short film: Cardinal Sin



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