Board of Trustees Minutes

Autumn Term 2020
Full Board of Trustees 7th December 2020
Audit Committee 23rd November 2020
Finance and Estates Committee 23rd November 2020
Governance and HR Committee 16th November 2020
Curriculum and Quality Committee 9th November 2020
Full Board of Trustees 14th September 2020

Summer Term 2020
Full Board of Trustees 6th July 2020
Audit Committee 25th June 2020
Finance and Estates 25th June 2020
Governance and HR 15th June
Curriculum and Quality 8th June 2020

Spring Term 2020

Full Board of Trustees 11th May 2020
Governance and HR 4th May 2020
Curriculum and Quality 16th March 2020
Finance and Estates 9th March 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Full Board of Trustees 9th December 2019
Governance and HR 25th November 2019
Curriculum and Quality Committee 18th November 2019
Audit Committee 11th November 2019
Finance and Estates 11th November 2019
Full Board of Trustees 16th September 2019

Summer Term 2019

Full Board of Trustees  8th July 2019
Finance and Estates 10th July 2019
Governance and HR 17th June 2019
Audit 10th June 2019
Curriculum and Quality 3rd June 2019

Spring Term 2019

Full Board of Trustees 25th March 2019
Governance and HR 18th March 2019
Finance and Estates 11th March 2019
Curriculum and Quality 4th March 2019

Autumn Term 2018

Full Board of Trustees 10th December 2018
Governance and HR 3rd December 2018
Curriculum and Quality 19th November 2018
Finance and Estates 12th November 2018
Full Board of Trustees 17th September 2018

Summer Term 2018 

Full Board of Trustees 9th July 2018
Finance and Estates 15th June 2018
Governance and HR 11th June 2018
Curriculum and Quality 4th June 2018
Full Board of Trustees 21st May 2018
Audit 15th May 2018
Finance and Estates 9th May 2018

Spring Term 2018

Full Board of Trustees 26th March 2018
Governance and HR 12th March 2018
Curriculum and Quality 5th March 2018 

Academy Trust Resolutions

Godalming Academy Trust Resolutions 11th December 2017

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