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Advanced Study Programme (Level 3)

Your Advanced Study Programme (Level 3) will typically consist of 3 core subjects, either A Levels, BTECs or a mixture of both.

If you achieve at least 5 GCSEs at grades 9 – 4 you will qualify for a Level 3 study programme.

GCSE qualifications are most suitable for Level 3 study. A lack of GCSE English Language at grade 4 will significantly restrict study programme options. Equivalent qualifications at Level 2 in vocational courses are accepted where they are related to the course which has been applied for. However, these courses are not adequate for entry alone for an Advanced Study Programme and would always need to be accompanied by an appropriate range of GCSEs.


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Architecture Prize from Cambridge

Congratulations to Lola Wright who has won Cambridge’s, Fitzwilliam College Architecture Essay Competition. Writing to Lola to congratulate her on the win Cambridge told her that the standard was very high this year and that her design was exceptional.

The marker wrote of her entry: 'Very interesting design process beautifully illustrated through a variety of media including pencil, watercolour and digital drawings. The proposed location is well-considered and the final proposal intriguing. Strong and compelling work overall. Congratulations!'

On 4th July Lola traveled to Cambridge to a prize giving ceremony and to pick up her prize of £200.  

Godalming College has been running a very successful Architecture Society as an additional enrichment option for students for only two years. In the first year Hannah Back who also attended this group went on to study Architecture at Cambridge.

Godalming College

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