Gold Arts Award (Trinity College)

This qualification is centred on personal arts practice development. It is designed to encourage in-depth explorations of your particular art form/practice and how this can be influenced by exploring a new art form/ genre/practice. Focus is on detailed reflection of practice, progress and the impact of practical experience on future pathways. The leadership element of the course means students take charge of running an arts project, build their skills as an effective leader and deliver their project to a public audience.

Aimed at students who plan to study an Art form at university, Music conservatoire, Drama school, Art college etc and have a career in the Arts.
Students build a portfolio of evidence of their personal arts development. This can consist of written entries, videos, photos, audio files, blog entries etc.
This qualification can gain entry into various different Higher Education Arts Institutions including Music Conservatoires, Drama Schools and Art Colleges. It is also highly respected by universities.
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