English Literature A Level

What makes us human? How can poetry capture the process of growing up, or the values that underpin modern culture? How did attitudes to race and gender in the time of Shakespeare affect the way he presented the downfall of a tragic hero? These are the kinds of ideas you will discuss as you take on the work of a variety of great poets, novelists and playwrights and develop your own voice as a literary critic. You will study dystopian and gothic fiction, cutting-edge modern poetry, critical essays on Shakespeare and much more besides. You will also have the chance to see at least one of your texts performed live during your course.

Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature and English Language (if taken).
80% exams and 20% an extended comparative essay on two texts of your choice.
A level English courses are taken by students doing a wide variety of other subjects, in Arts, Humanities and Sciences. They go on to many different courses and careers. English is often a component in degree courses in Humanities as well as being a very popular choice as a single-subject degree. The skills that you learn are a useful starting point for careers in the arts and the media, law and business, and in other professions where creativity, critical awareness and the ability to communicate clearly are needed.
Englsih Lit
An Overview of English Literature A Level