Psychology A Level

The first year of this course provides a general introduction to Psychology which is the scientific study of human behaviour and experience. You will develop knowledge, understanding and skills of analysis in relation to a variety of topics commencing with the main psychological approaches to explaining human behaviour.

Topics include social influence, biological psychology, cognitive psychology involving memory, developmental psychology involving caregiver-infant attachments and psychopathology involving the causes and treatments of mental illness. There are significant components involving the study of human biology, statisics and research methods, including how to analyse data and present findings scientifically. Further topics such as gender development, aggression, Schizophrenia and current debates within Psychology are covered during the second year.

Grade 4 in GCSE Maths, English Language and two Sciences. At least one of the Sciences at grade 5 would be preferable.
100% exams.
A Level Psychology is taken by students doing a wide range of other subjects, but is perhaps especially suited to students with a preference for more analytical subjects such as Maths, Science and History. Students of Psychology go on to do a wide range of courses and careers, with Psychology now being a very popular choice of course in Higher Education. A qualification in Psychology may be relevant to a number of different career options including: market research, advertising, social work, teaching, nursing, the police service and personnel management.
An Overview of Psychology A Level