Media Studies A Level

In the first year of this course you will be equipped with the correct terminology and concepts to effectively deconstruct media products. You will study a cross section of media texts (TV programmes, adverts, websites etc.) learning how they communicate their meanings. This will involve both written and practical work. In the first unit you will study how media language is used to encode representations genre and narrative. The second unit will involve you making your own media product, drawing on the areas of study learnt in the first unit.

In the second year you will undertake a closer study of a topic of your choice, which will conceptually form the basis of your practical production project. The second year will also extend your knowledge of media by examining a range of media texts from several discrete media areas (television, film, radio and advertising).

Grade 4 in GCSE English Language or Media Studies.
60% exams and 40% coursework.
For those interested in pursuing their studies, many students move on to degrees in Media Studies or TV/Film Production. There are courses that are

• largely practical in nature and are designed for those who want to work in the industry

• wholly theoretical designed for people with an academic interest in the media

• most commonly, there are courses that contain a balance of practical and theory.

The majority of our Music students progress to studying Music at Russell Group universities or conservatoires, some receiving scholarships.

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A Overview of Media A Level