Further Maths AS/A Level

The Further Maths course builds on concepts studied in A-level Maths as well as branching out in other directions. Further Maths topics include complex numbers, matrices, hyperbolic functions and differential equations.

Students will be encouraged to take part in individual and team Maths challenges at various times throughout the course. We also take students to a Maths lecture day, giving them the opportunity to hear about some current mathematical developments and applications at higher levels..

Students are strongly advised to take Further Maths if they wish to study Maths or certain Engineering courses at university.

Students wishing to study the AS course will do so in the second year.

Grade 7 in GCSE Maths is required, but an 8 or 9 is strongly recommended. Students studying Further Maths you must also study Maths.
100% exams.
Many of our Further Maths students go on to study Maths at university. Others often go on to study subjects with a mathematical content. These include Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Finance, Economics and Business. It is possible to do a Maths degree without having studied Further Maths although most universities will prefer students to have studied Further to at least AS level.
An Overview of Maths and Further Maths A Level