Philosophy A Level

Philosophers raise questions about issues that thoughtful people find puzzling. Such issues include the origins of our ideas, the extent of our knowledge and the nature of our values. For example, can we draw conclusions about how things really are from the way they appear to us? Are all of the ideas or concepts we possess derived from sense experience? Are there any actions that are always right or wrong? Do we have free will or are all our actions determined by past events and by physical processes?

Philosophy is a challenging as well as a satisfying subject and the abilities to think clearly and argue logically are highly regarded both academically and in the world of work. You should be willing to discuss ideas and justify the judgements you make.

Throughout this two-year course you will acquire knowledge and develop reasoning skills through the study of a number of core themes in Philosophy. The first year of the course covers Epistemology (the theory of knowledge) and Moral Philosophy, in the second year we cover the metaphysics of God and the metaphysics of mind.

Grade 5 in English Language
100% Exams
We follow the AQA A-level, a qualification welcomed by all universities. Philosophy combines well with most subjects, whether they are natural or social sciences or humanities subjects, and will provide evidence of important competencies for UCAS and employment applications.

Because you acquire important thinking skills as well as subject knowledge, Philosophy is an excellent preparation for any degree course. Philosophy is taught at many British universities and can be combined with a wide variety of other subjects. Graduates enter a wide variety of careers particularly those requiring analytical, evaluative and problem solving skills.

An Overview of Philosophy A Level