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Our philosophy is that all students should be supported on a personal and individual basis in terms of both academic progress and general welfare and well-being. It is our aim to ensure that all students not only achieve their educational goals but that they become thoughtful and active citizens, leaving us with confidence, commitment and optimism for the future.

Coming to College is a big change from school life and we all work hard to help students adjust to life at College and the educational challenges of their new courses. In preparation for their life beyond College students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and personal development. A network of staff ensure that all students are supported and are performing to the best of their ability.

Further information about the support available in College is available using the following links

Personal Tutors, Student Reviews and the Shaping Futures Programme  

Learning and Study Support


Exams information
Alongside this ongoing support, it is important to have the involvement of parents and guardians. Once your son/daughter is a student at College you will have access to a Parents Portal which will enable you to keep up to date with information. We will also send you information by post and email.  You can help us in several ways: 

  • Phone college in the case of absences and don’t go away on holiday in term time.
  • Read reports and come to Parents’ Evenings
  • Help your son/daughter get the balance right between time for study/homework and social life
  • Encourage your student to familiarise themselves with the exams procedure

Continue to be interested but understand that they may need to make mistakes and pick themselves up again with our combined guidance.


It will be necessary for each student to attend enrolment and to sign a Student Contract and a Student Code of Conduct .

Reviewing student progress and reporting to parents

Subject teachers and the personal tutor monitor progress on a regular basis. Reports (reviews as we call them) are available twice a year. We invite parents to come into College to discuss the progress of their son or daughter twice a year.

The College General Fund

To enhance the quality of education that we offer our students, all parents are invited to contribute to the General Fund. This Fund helps the College to provide essential books and materials without further charge; it also helps pay for additional computer software, sports equipment, journals and newspapers. Contributions to the General Fund are voluntary, full details are sent with your enrolment pack.

Handing in Coursework

To mirror the practice in Higher Education, students on A Levels or BTEC programmes are given a set time and date to hand in their final pieces of coursework. If they do not hand in their work at the appointed time it will not be marked and they will have failed the unit, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

If there is a good reason for the coursework to be late, such as a medical or personal problem, there is a form to be completed before the deadline to request an extension. We believe that this system is fairer and will encourage students to meet deadlines on time.


We recognise that there is a strong positive correlation between attendance and punctuality in lessons and achievement. Therefore the management of attendance while at College is not only an important part of a student’s responsibilities but will also improve their performance and overall College results. We are here to help, so students should speak to their Personal Tutor if they are struggling with any aspect of punctuality or attendance.

All students are issued with guidelines on the College attendance procedures. Download a copy of the Attendance Student and Parent Guidelines


At College we give students the opportunity to express themselves and to develop as individuals within a supportive environment. Disciplinary procedures will be followed if any of the four fundamental obligations of the Student Contract are not complied with. In the first instance the case will be dealt with by the subject tutor and/or personal tutor; if there is no improvement in the situation disciplinary steps will begin and parents will be informed.

Progression into the Upper Sixth

Our aim is to support progression to the Upper Sixth on an appropriate study programme by offering guidance to all students before and after the publication of internal Annual Review Grades (ARGs) in June of the Lower Sixth. This is to enable students and the College to review their Upper Sixth Study Programme in the light of their performance and progression plans.  All students are expected to be fully committed to their studies in order to ensure the best outcomes.  For more details regarding Progression, please see the Progression Policy on the Publications page.

Important Dates

It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of deadlines for coursework, UCAS applications, exam re-sits, payment of college visits etc. Relevant information will be given to them by their subject and/or personal tutor and listed on Godalming Online (the College intranet). Godalming Online can be accessed from wherever a student has internet access. Dates for parents’ evenings, exam results, term start and end etc. are posted on our calendar.

Online payments

The College has an online payment system via the Parents Portal. It allows students to pay for their educational trips, exam re-sits and College buses.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of the education or service provided by the College, please raise this with an appropriate member of staff. More details in our Complaints Procedure are available to view on our Publications page.

Further information

Godalming is an Outstanding College with consistently excellent exam results, you can read more information about this on the Why Godalming pages of this website..

To find out information about travelling to College, College Bus Services and public service subsidies please visit our Getting to college pages.

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