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Ben Sheppard

Ben Shappard
"Godalming College has given me the time to develop my skills and interests both academically and outside of the classroom. Now in my second year, I study History, Politics and Economics as well as an Extended Project Qualification and I am working towards my Gold DofE. My subject choices reflect what I enjoy: learning about the society that we live in and the impact that we as individuals have on it, as well as current affairs and the ever-changing world around us. The subjects that I have taken are by nature subjective and analytical. To me, the concept that everyone can have a correct answer so long as it is substantiated with evidence and a sound argument is what makes my subjects so interesting; the answer is often not as clear cut as with other subjects and so as a result the skills that I’ve learned are much more varied.

The ethos that Godalming College has is an independent learning environment and there is a marked contrast from school to college. The departments and staff at Godalming are in my experience capable and enthusiastic and will happily help you in any way they can, especially in making the transition from school to college.

My time at college has allowed me to determine my future. After winning an Army 6th Form Scholarship at the end of my first year, I have been given a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as sponsorship throughout my studies at A-Level and university. The blend of subjects and extra-curricular activities which I take at Godalming College fits well with my career choice in the Army because it gives me a broad understanding of current affairs and the factors which steer our society. 

Godalming College is a supportive and well-structured college for anyone who has a firm idea as to the route they want to take with their life. Godalming College also supports students with a less clear-cut idea; the careers department is an active college department with frequent careers talks and opportunities which you
can make the most of."

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