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Burhan Waheed

Burhan Waheed
"Godalming College has been a great place for me to study and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Doing Biology, Chemistry and Maths has been a challenging task for me but the College has always provided extra help to allow me to reach my full potential; such activities are Maths and Chemistry Workshop; Revision Days in Easter and individual meetings if you are struggling to keep up in lessons. Godalming goes above and beyond to ensure the best results are achieved. The current league tables are evidence of such hard work. 

One of my favourite aspects of Godalming was the vast range of extra-curricular activities the college provides. I particularly enjoyed Secular Society, an open and engaging forum for students to research contemporary issues and discuss them with one another. We also have a Christian Union, Debating Society, LGBT Society and much more. The independence I gained was a huge stepping stone for life at University
and was one of the key reason why I chose Godalming College over my local School/Sixth Form. Also by being a large sixth form you get to interact with many different students thus making Godalming a very social environment. It was nerve racking at first making friends as very few students from my secondary school moved to Godalming College however I found integrating into College was easy and I have made lots of new friends.

Currently I am moving onto a career in Medicine and have received an offer from Imperial College in London. The Aim High programme has definitely helped me in bettering my UCAS application as weekly I have had an extra tutorial on how to get high results in admission test; Mock interviews with actual Doctors and advice from external speaker from Imperial and Nottingham University. I also regularly used the Careers Department and they assisted me through the daunting process of my UCAS application and also on helping my application stand out from the rest.

Godalming College has been a fantastic two years of my life. I have got to know the staff very well and would like to thank them for all for the support they have provided. I will dearly miss Godalming College."

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