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Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown
"Over the past two years I have studied French, Spanish and Geography at Godalming College with the hope of studying modern languages at university. The Spanish classes at Godalming College have been extremely useful. Many of the classes are done in the target language which helps with both listening and speaking. I found the course very interesting and useful for having relevant conversations about contemporary issues such as the environment and immigration.

The teachers are great and have helped me to really get to grips with the language especially improving my grammar from basic tenses to much more complex phrases and structures. The highlight of the course for me was the exchange trip to Andalusia. It was a real chance to test my skills and to really immerse myself in the language fully with almost all conversations over the whole week being in Spanish as well as taking part in lessons and activities at my exchanges school held in Spanish. We also visited many cultural sites such as the castle in Valencia. This really boosted my understanding of the culture of Spain and in turn the language itself.

Overall Godalming College has really helped me to progress from traditional school learning to a more university styled independent way of learning. Although this is quite hard to start with, it will no doubt help me at university and beyond. It’s been a great experience and I’ve made friends that I will hopefully keep for life. In addition it has given me the necessary skills to further my education and help me towards achieving my goal of using my language skills to help others hopefully by getting a job in the foreign office."

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