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Frankie Gale
"I came to Godalming with no expectation of what the music department would be like and will be leaving this year genuinely wondering what my time at Godalming would have been without it! I have met some amazing people; fellow students who are now some of my best friends and of course the brilliant staff. I have learnt so much in my time at Godalming about all aspects of music and it has helped me to confirm the decision that I can’t live my life without music in it!

I knew from GCSE year that I would end up doing Music as an A level because I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to further my knowledge at a more advanced level. Since attending the Royal College of Music Junior Department, my focus in music has been drawn much more towards the performance side. Coming to Godalming, I was excited to explore and understand a lot more about the composition element to music as well as learning about music history through set works from periods of Renaissance through to 20th century music. I have been challenged in various different ways, overcoming obstacles in composition that I originally didn’t think were possible! I have gone from struggling to complete 1 composition in the first year of AS levels, to being able to compose two 4 minute pieces, one of which is for almost a full orchestra in my A2 year. That wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and commitment of the staff within the department who are always so ready to help and will give up their time endlessly.

The music ensembles and extra-curricular elements of the department are really varied and they make the department a very vibrant place. I am involved in most of the ensembles such as the orchestra, Godalming College singers and the jazz band and was a member of the chamber choir in my AS year. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of a wind quintet which my friend put together in my A2 year and we have performed at 2 out of 3 of the concerts held this year. The department manages to produce some great quality performances at the concerts throughout the year and the teachers are very open to students having a chance to showcase their talents. I’ve even been allowed to conduct the jazz band on a couple of occasions and have been
really grateful for that opportunity!

I enjoy my other 2 subjects English Literature and History very much and feel they have complimented my Music A level really well. The skills of deep analysis and essay writing I have learnt in those 2 subjects as well as Music I feel will be very valuable to me in the future. After tossing up between the decision of doing a History or Music degree I decided that I still have so much that I want to explore within Music. Having focused so much on performance until now, I am looking forward to attending Durham or Nottingham University after a gap year to study a music degree. I may then go on to do a post-graduate at a conservatoire which means I can have the best of both worlds gaining an academic degree beforehand which I am very excited about!"

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