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Henna Karia

Henna Karia,
"When I left school, I knew the leap from GCSE to A Level was going to be hard. However, having been here for two years, I look back and think that actually it wasn’t so bad after all! It’s because of the amount of support my teachers gave me in ensuring the transition was as smooth as possible. The community atmosphere and peer support has also helped me settle in comfortably. I’m studying Economics, Business Studies and Media and enjoy them all equally. They have been extremely interesting, dynamic and stimulating, especially Economics. Before starting college, I always knew I wanted to do something economics and business related at university and in the end as a career. So these subjects were the obvious choice! I’d like to think I also have a creative side as far as digital work goes! I have enjoyed the challenge that each of my
subjects have given me and feel well prepared for university.

Economics has pushed my boundaries, allowing me to develop into a more confident individual. It has introduced me to a range of concepts including debating current issues! I have become even more aware of activity within our own economy and have greater understanding of economic headlines in the news. The Economics department are extremely supportive and all the teachers take a keen interest in how you perform and ensure you achieve your potential to attain the best grade possible. This level of academic support has really contributed positively to my own development, from improving my exam technique to having the ability and confidence to ask questions whenever I have been unsure.

I believe that if you know what you want to do in the future whether that be, university, getting a job or starting an apprenticeship then Godalming College really will help you get there. More importantly though, like so many young adults, even if you are unsure of where you want to go or what’s next then this environment will help you to
work this out and help you to fulfil your true potential. By going to Godalming you are not only studying subjects you like, you are also furthering yourself as an individual. The range of extracurricular activities on offer also help you to get that well needed study break! College is one chapter in my life that I will never forget. It has been
a fabulous experience to study here and the teachers have been
exceptional. I know that I will cherish these last 2 years forever and
will look back with no regrets!"

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