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Jasmin Browett

Jasmin Browett
"I came to Godalming from Bohunt School. My local colleges were very similarly successful for my subjects but the warm, modern, friendly atmosphere students and staff create made Godalming feel right for me.

I chose my subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and German determined to follow my heart and pick what I loved. This is my best advice to students deciding what to do at college! I am fascinated by human biology, and love learning how Chemistry underpins most biology. I love that in Psychology we look at biology explaining our behaviour, but Psychology also opens your mind to everything in life that influences human behaviour.

I used to live in Germany and I wanted to use the language again. Language A Level goes from focusing on learning the language and grammar, developing these skills through using the language to have longer conversations and essay writing, I
loved that about it!

I am going on to the Anglo European College of Chiropractic next year. I hadn’t decided I wanted to be a chiropractor before coming to College, but having Chiropractic treatment for an injury I became fascinated. Turns out, studying Chiropractic perfectly combines my interests from learning anatomy (Biology and Chemistry) to understanding and caring for patients (Psychology).

I recognized before College that my subjects were a demanding workload, honestly, the reality was yet more challenging! As long as you are prepared to do weekly independent work to make your studies work for you, you soon get into a routine juggling it all. Your subject/personal tutors are incredibly supportive from written feedback, to one to one support for classwork you can not get to grips with. The Aim High programme is another way staff go above and beyond at Godalming. Even if you aren’t sure where to aim for university, the extra sessions are invaluable for getting organised with your UCAS application and drawing your attention to jobs applicable to your subjects you never knew existed. Your Aim High tutor being especially experienced in your application is a huge confidence boost, giving you specific, personal advice. Aim High helped me create an outstanding application I was proud of, with minimal stress."

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