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Renata Lee

Renata Lee
"I came to Godalming to take Art Textiles, French and Business Studies with a view to being involved in the fashion industry in some way. Initially I thought that maybe Fashion Marketing or Fashion Buying would be what I studied at university because
I hadn’t taken an Art or Textiles GCSE but my love of making things grew into a passion and now I am looking at Fashion Design. I had learnt to knit and sew at an after school club at school, I love materials and the tactile nature of them, which
inspires my creativity and the Textiles course has allowed me to experiment with my creative side and with different techniques.

In the first year I found the techniques that we learnt new and exciting and enjoyed exploring and experimenting with these in the second year of the course. The teachers are amazing and help you with ideas and guide you but what I like about them is that they don’t force you into anything but instead allow you to find your own style and creativity. The course has outstripped my expectations and has helped me grow as an artist in my own right, it has also helped me appreciate other works of art and
the amount of time and energy that goes into their creation.

Because the course is art based we have explored different forms of textile work. Others on the course have been more involved in installation work, sculpting and weaving but I love making garments and Haute Couture in particular. My favourite designer at the moment is Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. I think that his designs are really pretty and he has inspired me tremendously.

For my final exam I will be making a capsule collection of three garments. The theme that we have been given is the environment so my garments are inspired by architecture and shapes. Once I realised that I wanted to take Fashion Design at university I looked online for specialist Art Colleges particularly those that specialise in Haute Couture. I found Parsons Paris which is the European base of The New School, an internationally renowned design school in New York. I applied through the American system with the help of the Careers Department in College and have also managed to secure a scholarship to study there. It makes sense to me to be in Paris and to be part of the Haute Couture capital of the world. Thankfully I had always been encouraged to study a language, which will now be a great help."

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