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Robert Honey

Robert Honey
"I am really pleased that I chose to study my A levels at Godalming College. I am taking Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A level and Further Maths as an AS level. I have found the whole College very supportive, the subject teachers very much want to help you do as well as you can and they put on extra study sessions to help. For example, Chemistry run a ‘Clinic’ every Friday lunch where you can take homework or classwork that you are finding tricky and a teacher will go through it with you. They also run revision sessions on two other days of the week at lunch time. Maths have drop in
sessions at lunch every day of the week as well. If you still need a bit more support then the teachers are always happy for you to go and see them and they will spend time with you to help you understand what you are stuck on.

I didn’t know anyone going to the College before I joined and was a bit apprehensive. Through meeting people in your lessons however, you quickly get to make friends and because the College is fairly big you are bound to find people with the same interests as you. The other departments are very welcoming even if you don’t do one of their subjects. Anybody can use the sports facilities and the various music clubs are there for anyone who wants to join. This has meant that I have made friends who do totally different subjects to myself. The way that the College is set up and run makes it a very good stepping stone from secondary school to whatever you want to go on to do. The staff and students are on first name terms and it is a more relaxed environment than school. That being said, you are still expected to do the homework set and take responsibility for your learning.

I have accepted an offer from Rolls Royce engineering to do a sponsored masters degree in Engineering Management based at their site in Derby and Warwick University. I am really looking forward to moving onto this, however I wouldn’t have been able to get the offer if Godalming College hadn’t encouraged and supported me to do extra curricular activities that have grown me as a person as well as a student, such as being a junior trustee for The Children’s society or having time off to go for work experience at the Morgan Motor Company.

My experience of Godalming College has been a very positive one. They have given me the opportunity to do the best that I can and have helped me build a secure foundation that will enable me to go on and achieve my aspirations."

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