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Ruth Gbedebu

Ruth Gbedebu
Before choosing Ancient History, I had already been thinking generally about studying History as an A Level. What made me pick it above the other options (eg. Democracy & Dictatorship or Revolutions & Rebellions) is how unique a subject it is to Godalming College. The topics it offered, such as Greek Civilisation and Roman Emperors also intrigued me. Studying Ancient History has given me a whole other insight into different subjects, which were English Literature, Drama and Psychology. It has also helped me develop universal skills which I hope to take with me in my higher education where I will study Ancient History because I love it so much.


Ancient History, English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies A Levels.


Ancient History at the University of Bristol, although after my degree I am hoping to go into law or some form of work in a humanitarianism field.

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