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Sam Tellyn

Sam Tellyn
As should be apparent from the range of subjects listed below, in my time at Godalming College I have frequently switched and added new subjects to my timetable. I first started College with a view to studying engineering at university but a superb biology teacher in my first year really inspired me to study biology further. When I was forced to take a third year, due to medical circumstances just before my exam period, I picked up an AS in Chemistry and an EPQ. I used my EPQ to facilitate me researching climate change, and this made me realise that I have an interest in so many areas of science. It is because my lessons in every subject have interested me that I have chosen to do a degree in Natural Sciences, to allow me to maintain that broad range of the sciences.


Maths, Biology and Physics A Levels, Chemistry and Further Maths AS and EPQ.


Natural Sciences degree with a view to a career advising the government on Climate Change policy.

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