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Felix Rockhill and Clem Pickering

Felix Rockhill and Clem Pickering
As you can see we are good friends who have one thing in common, we love music! At
Godalming we have found the flexibility to work at A Levels and also spend time practising. We both have commitments outside of College with the Junior Academy (Clem) or the Junior Guildhall (Felix) and also with other orchestras, ensembles and summer schools, such as the National Youth Orchestra (Felix) and Salzburg Mozarteum (Clem). The music department at College is a close community, with frequent performing opportunities, everything is well prepared and the music facilities are excellent. We both enjoy the extra music activities and both play in the College Concert Orchestra.


Music A Level together with a variety of other A Levels.


Bachelor of Music at Royal Academy of Music (Felix), Royal College of Music (Clem), both with a full scholarship.