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Grace Musgrave

Grace Musgrave
"I chose Godalming because the students and staff I met at the open day were all enthusiastic and the facilities were impressive.  I liked that you could take 3 A Levels +1 as in the first year, with the option to bridge up your AS, which some college no longer offered with the new linear A Levels. This allowed me to try out new subjects, and I ended up deciding to continue taking politics in my 2nd year which I has originally chosen as an AS.  I've really enjoyed lessons which have been entertaining, engaging and interesting, and support has been excellent; teachers are always willing to do as much as possible to help with exams, coursework or any content you are struggling with, both in and outside of lessons."


History (D&D), Politics, English Literature A Levels

What Next?

Studying Politics and International Relations at Warwick or Bristol University