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Holly Papworth

Holly Papworth
"Godalming was a struggle for me at first because I didn’t come from a feeder school therefore I didn’t know anyone on my first day. It quickly turned from lonely to great fun though. I made a great group of friends and all of my teachers were very keen on building friendships between classmates. My A-level subjects were Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology but I dropped Psychology in my second year. These subjects were not easy and they did push me to my limits sometimes but I don’t think I will ever regret taking them. Godalming always offered me extra support when my subjects became tricky which was really reassuring, especially as exams grew closer.

I loved the independence Godalming College gave me. I think it thoroughly prepared me to stand on my own two feet when I got to university. It was one of the main reasons I decided not to stay on at my previous school, as I believed I needed the experience of having to motivate myself. I always enjoyed the freedom I felt at Godalming. I was never pushed to be something that my teachers wanted me to be and my opinion was always considered with respect.

I am hopefully moving on to study a Marine Biology degree this year. I have been offered places at Southampton University, Essex University, Plymouth University and Exeter University. Weekly tutorial sessions provided support when I was filling out my UCAS application and I knew that all of my teachers would be happy to read my personal statement and give feedback.

Godalming College has been a great learning experience in many ways. It has taught me how to make friends in a large crowd, take control of my own learning and how to be independent for future life. If you want a pre-university experience then Godalming is perfect. I will miss it but I’m also looking forward to the next step in my life."