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JJ Hammond

JJ Hammond
"I came to Godalming College with a very vague idea of what I wanted to do in my life, I initially believed that studying Psychology, Forensic Science and Sociology would have been the best for me but after my first year I realised that I was not enjoying the courses and therefore struggled to meet the courses requirements. Because of this I decided to change to subjects which were more in line with my hobbies and interests. I chose to do the BTEC IT Diploma and carry on with the BTEC Forensic Science. I am incredibly fond of technology and multimedia and the IT course was therefore much
more interesting and enjoyable. I not only enjoyed the lessons but also the structure of the BTEC when compared to the A level way of learning. This was quite obviously the correct choice, as my grades dramatically increased.

The workload is quite hard as there are a lot of units to complete but I prefer this to revising for big exams. I also know what marks I am getting for each unit as I go along and I have found this more motivating, especially as I have been achieving some very good grades. I will have completed the Subsidiary Diploma in Forensic Science this year so intend to take another BTEC course in Business next year plus an EPQ whilst finishing off my IT course. When I leave Godalming College I will have the equivalent of 4 A levels. If I had continued on the A level route I would never have reached this level of achievement.

I’ve enjoyed College life, there is a great community here and it’s more relaxed than school. I’ve also enjoyed the flexibility of the BTEC courses. Looking to the future, I now know that I definitely want to go to university. I’m not sure what to study yet but IT, Business and Science have given me some great skills, which I can use on many different courses."