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Olly Searle

Olly Searle
I have really enjoyed the Music Technology course as a whole, and it has made me decide that this is the industry that
I want to pursue a career in. The trips we go on allow us to see professionals in action, such as our recent trip to a recording studio in Brighton. This is a really motivating thing to see, something that not many other subjects can offer. The course allowed me to play/sing as well as record, which meant the lessons were fun and relaxed. The Music and Music Technology A Levels go well together, as having some music knowledge helps with composing in Music Tech. Also, if you can play an instrument, you may be asked by people in your class to play on their tracks, which is fun.

I play bass and guitar, so did that on many tracks, and other ensembles such as Jazz Band, orchestra and our student-led function band.


Maths, History, Music and Music Technology A Levels.

Music and Sound Recording at York.