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"I have really enjoyed studying Sociology and BTEC Business at Godalming College. By studying Sociology, I have realised society is multicultural, multi-ethnic and cultures within society are always evolving. I understand that many social issues may derive from family life and sometimes this is a consequence of social diversity. I have developed an awareness of oppression based on gender, class and ethnicity. This interlinks with my future aspiration of becoming a Social Worker and has contributed towards my decision
of applying to university. The academic support at the college has helped me prepare for studying Social Work at University. I have had continuous support from the Sociology and Careers departments helping me through the university application process. I have been supported with valuable advice from both departments which helped to improve my interviewing skills. From the constant support that I have received at college, I have been able to obtain an offer from the University of Kent to undertake a BA in Social Work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Godalming College and I will miss the social and academic atmosphere."