Drama student

Case Studies



"I came to Godalming College as I believed that it was the right step forward for me, this is because it had the right contrast between giving the student enough help while allowing them to take their education in the direction they want to go. I for example, am hoping that I can get the grades I need to get into Sandhurst, which is the British Army Officer academy. Politics and History have helped to further my understanding of my potential career in the armed forces. Godalming College has also supported me throughout the army recruitment process, by giving me advice in general and by allowing me to take days off college to complete various exercises and interviews with the Ministry of Defence. In turn I have also helped other
students who are thinking of joining the army and giving them a more in-depth understanding.

I live in London and travel all the way into Godalming every day, this seems to have had little impact on my learning, however, I do get home slightly later than if I went to a college in London. I went to Godalming because the local colleges in my area had nowhere near the impressive past results that Godalming had to offer, this matched with positive things that I had heard about the college even living where I am I thought that it sounded like the college for me. As a retake student I thought that I was going to go down the unfortunate route that I did the year before, however the teaching staff in Business, Politics and History have been amazing, they tailor the learning to the class and the people in it rather than reading off a power point slide and are available for advice and guidance at any time!

Overall I believe if you either have a strong idea of where you wish to head in the future for example getting into the university you want or a job or apprenticeship then Godalming College would aid you to get there by any means they can, and the same goes for those who don’t yet know what they want to do, by going to Godalming you’re not just furthering your education you are furthering yourself as an individual, and helping you get to where you want in life."