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Let your imagination run wild!

ClassAction welcomes ….. Idle Motion Theatre

ClassAction practitioners welcomed new and upcoming theatre company Idle Motion to Godalming just before they left for a British Council funded tour to China! Idle Motion are an exciting collective of young theatre makers who are capturing the hearts of audience’s around the world and are just the sort of company we hope our ClassAction practitioners go on to become:

“Idle Motion are the future of British Theatre. Combining intricate stories, creative technology and dazzling stagecraft they are providing inspiration to young audiences and theatre makers everywhere!" Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The workshop focused on ‘object manipulation’ and the theatre of suggestion; taking inanimate objects and animating them as they become ‘puppets’ representing characters in the work; babies, cross library workers and a very aggressive ‘wide boy’. Starting with paper cups that became ‘explorers’ our practitioners were led through a series of exercises that culminated in the creation of some short story telling pieces focused around Bletchley Park during WW2, the eccentric country house whose grounds, filled with chess champions, Oxbridge graduates and young debutantes, was the melting pot of Britain’s greatest minds. Among these were the visionary Alan Turing, whose work was the hidden heroism of the war.

“Accessible, inventive work with strong storytelling at its heart...this physical theatre ensemble have a bright future.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian