Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



Getting political in Westminster

Politics students finished their AS year with a flourish with a day out at Westminster on Monday 7th July. We kicked off with a tour of both Houses of Parliament where students were able to stand at the famous dispatch boxes and imagine themselves as frontbenchers in a few years' time! We then had the pleasure of meeting with former Godalming College student, Lloyd Mattingley, who is a researcher for Andrew Rossendale MP. Lloyd regaled the group with tales of his wide range of experiences: from meeting ambassadors and cabinet ministers to writing press releases on the fate of Gibraltar and preparing the road to the next election. He urged our students not to hold back in pursuing any opportunity to work at Westminster which he described as extraordinarily exciting. After lunch we visited the Supreme Court, just across the road from Parliament, and students were treated to a tour of the courtrooms where they were posed with one of two of the legal problems that the 12 Supreme Court Justices have to wrangle with every day. At 3.30pm it was time to see the Tour de France whiz through Westminster which provided a fitting finale to the day.