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A festival of Art, Design and Media

Godalming College hosted a showcase event of students’ work, which included displays from subjects such as Art, Textiles, Photography, Graphic Design, Product Design, Media and Film. Parents and VIPs were invited to the College for a preview evening on Monday 7th July and enjoyed a glass of wine and live music in the piazza.

The exiting art exhibition provided a broad range of artwork of the highest standard. Some highlights of the Art show included: Orlagh Anderson’s large detailed charcoal drawings inspired by Fungus and trees – demonstrating mark making skills that Van Gogh would have been proud of, the powerful highly realistic figurative paintings by Olivia Lightfoot which dominated the show, the photo realist paintings of close up of flowers by Bethany Hughes stood out, while Ellie Broatch and Alice Ball showed that the art of portraiture is alive and well.

The photos of performance artist Sam Message showed that Godalming College is at the cutting edge of contemporary art. He wrapped himself up in all kinds of materials and photographed himself around London wearing a surreal costume that he designed.
The textile exhibition featured an exciting and diverse range of Art Textile work. Beautiful examples of print, both hand and machine embroidery, felting, constructed textiles, papermaking, concept fashion and installation pieces are displayed. Particular highlights include; Matilda Agace’s plaster cast pockets piece featured both the casts and the discarded pockets themselves. The pieces function on both a visual and symbolic level exploring how the burdens we carry with us weigh us down. Matilda’s connection with the artists Joseph Beuys and Rachel Whiteread are clearly evident.

Rosie Hammilton’s illustrative stitched works over silk organza were stunning examples of free machine embroidery and perfectly capture snapshots of Rosie herself as a child. The delicate works hang softly over one another creating layers of stitched drawings.
Olivia Lightfoot’s innovation and manipulation of interesting materials resulted in her creation of a stunning thread and Perspex sculpture. The piece took inspiration from the DNA molecule and Olivia’s fascination with its complex shapes and the beauty within its form.

Ellie Dempsey’s wonderful installation draws from the 30’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s and focused on encapsulating the iconic stars , art movements and textiles of the period within the objects she had created and gathered . Her hand drawn animation projects into her space and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance above her layered hand painted and embroidered panels. A record player rested on an original 1950’s chair, and viewers of the space listened to Bob Dylan’s, “Bring It All Back Home”, whilst enjoying her silk screen printed panels and embroidered record covers.

The photography show involved a broad range of genres including documentary, art photography, texture colour and conceptual pieces. Some of the highlights of the photography exhibition are Cara Nixon’s portraitures, Harry Chase’s documentary portraits, Ellie Winters illustrational figures with delicate use of wax and found text.
Paige Doran has used optical effects to produce 3D portraits and Phoebe Fuller’s trees and Sophie Burn’s images of glimmering birds in movement were stunning. Lawrence Collett used paint swirling in liquid so that it appears monumental to produce globs that are both soft and sharp.

This year’s Design students have produced some of the best work ever, their imagination creativity and skills were on show for three days in Godalming College’s brand new exhibition space and featured; packaging and branding by Ellie Broatch for Tate, George Fletcher’s Coffee House and Rosie Holcombe’s airline branding.

Oliver Lenain is featured for his website designs and Tom Mundie for his illustration and typography on the human statistics. Holly Baigent features her experiments in font typography . Products designed and modelled by students are Alex Dangerfield for his lemon juicer, Alex Bignall for an MP3 Player, George Harding for his speakers and Archie O’Brien who has designed an ergonomic crutch.

In architecture, Tome Linzey shows his designs for a yacht and Jack Taffe and Tom Morgan-Clue show their designs for modular houses. Lighting designs by Henry Dodd-Irwin with a desk lamp and James Correlius with pendant lights.

On the same evening the Godalming College Media & Film Department hosted a Night of Celebration, featuring some of the best and most original moving image material created by the 2013-14 upper sixth students. Sixteen works have been selected for screening, representing all three of the Level 3 courses offered by the department; A2 Media Studies, A2 Film Studies and BTEC Creative Media Sub Diploma. Head of Department, Mark Piper, claims that the work contains “an excellent range of creative and imaginative films. It also showcases students’ talents and skills in screenwriting, filming and editing“.

Oliver Stephens, Director of Faculty for Arts and Science comments “As always, the College is very proud to be showcasing the outstanding work of students in the Art, Design and Media departments. Tributes need to also be made to the teachers and technicians in these departments whose expertise and enthusiasm have inspired these students to achieve their very best this year“

The show continued to be shown throughout the week and on Open Evening, photos of the Art Exhibition and Design Show can be seen on the Godalming College website at .