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An adventurous trip to Nepal

The Godalming College Nepal 2014 trip saw a group of 14 A2 students, 2 teachers and a True Adventure leader leave for Kathmandu on the 11th of July. For many of us, it was our first time in Asia. So, when we touched down in the capital’s international airport, it was quite the culture shock. Despite this, nothing could shake our desire to see and experience a country famed for its stunning scenery and its diverse heritage. After a few days in the Capital, Kathmandu, we travelled to the hills around Pokharra to start working with a rural school. Here, we began work painting, cleaning and cementing some of the classrooms in order to try and improve the conditions the local children were learning in.

The work was hard, especially seeing as lots of us were still getting used to the food and climate, but our work was made enjoyable by the incredible community that welcomed us into their village, their school and even at one point their rice paddy fields. However, after a week of work, it was time to say good-bye (or Namaste) and leave for the Annapurna Circuit to begin 12 days of trekking. Throughout this period, we saw dramatic changes in scenery almost every-day; we trekked through lush greenery, alpine mountain conditions, dry mountainside and even desert-like walks. Each day also bore some of the most incredible sights we had ever seen: towering mountains hidden behind wisps of cloud and huge glacier lakes, to name but a few.

For most of us, the biggest challenge was battling against a lack of oxygen and fatigue and getting to the highest point on the Annapurna circuit: Thorong-la pass – a pass almost 5500m high. Having completed an epic journey, the group had the opportunity to unwind and relax at Chitwan National Park, going on an Elephant safari among other things. Because of the nature of the trip, we learnt so much about what it means to be part of a well-functioning team. More specifically, most of us found out what it means to lead a group and what it takes to communicate your ideas effectively. But what I think we all got out of this trip was an experience so incredible that it’s going to be pretty hard to forget. I would recommend the Godalming True Adventure expeditions to anyone who enjoys a challenge and craves an unforgettable experience.

by Daniel Garel