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Visiting London to study Sociology

As part of the Upper Sixth sociology course we travelled up to London for the day to visit the Tate Britain and Goldsmiths University. On arrival at London Waterloo station we separated into groups to partake in a non-participant observation exercise of people commuting to and from work. The exercise indicated that values and bias cannot be excluded from sociological research however hard we try. We then made our way through the rain to the Tate Britain art museum, where we enjoyed the many artworks dating back to 1840s. It was clear that post 1840, paintings stopped being of royal figures and the upper class, and moved on to paintings of everyday life, the working class and folk tales.


After that we hopped on the tube and headed to Goldsmiths University where we listened to a lecture given by the highly respected Danny Dorling. He explained how there is inequality in our society and discussed what happens when the rich become too rich. The argument was condensed down to 2 hours with a lot of information to take in! It was very insightful attending our first university lecture, and widened our sociological knowledge of social inequality.

The whole trip was a huge success and we were pretty lucky with the weather, only being caught by a few showers and avoiding any heavy rain. We'd like to thank Hannah and Dave for organising the trip and taking us.

by Harris Moore