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Waterloo Road welcomes Max as new student Justin Fitzgerald

Max Bowden, an ex-student of Godalming College’s Drama and Performing Arts Department has made his TV debut in prime time drama Waterloo Road. In the 10th series, Max plays Justin Fitzgerald the new Headmasters son. Justin is mixed up and broody after the break-up of his family.

Max on the other hand is an intelligent and talented young actor whose lucky break came when he sent a tape to the show and they invited him to audition. His life changed in a matter of months but he hasn’t forgotten his roots and still calls in to college whenever he can as Andrew Pullen, Head of Drama and Dance describes below.
“Max is a passionate practitioner he always cared about the work he was creating, was excited about making theatre and he is driven to succeed. He was a pleasure to work with and continues to be a pleasure to be alongside when he returns to undertake work with the department.”

Max studied with ClassAction; A Levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, Performing Arts and an E.P.Q. in Performance – a wrap-around programme of study that offers not just a performance preparation but underpins it with academic rigour. All training practitioners also study ‘the industry’, writing CV’s, understanding training routes and employment opportunities, attending interviews and are also given audition advice and mock auditions in their second year of study. Max will be remembered at Godalming for his stand out performance as the Emcee in ‘Cabaret’, but he also took part in many other productions; “The Laramie Project” which toured to our local secondary schools, “Flies”, a new musical based on The Lord of the Flies, which gained Max full marks in his Performing Arts exam and as Perry Jackson in the new musical “Everything In Colour” which performed at Guildford Fringe Festival as well as at Godalming.

“Max was a fantastic lead; as an actor musician he gave a truly emotive central performance, lifting the songs and making them his own. He looked in his element on the stage in ClassAction’s production.” Leighton Carter author of “Everything In Colour.”

Max has been very generous of his time, and like many ClassAction alumni has returned to help out the department. He recently acted as technician and assistant director for the current practitioners as they undertook their practical exams. He has also returned alongside the many students who are currently studying at top drama schools; LAMDA, Central, East 15, Mountview, Arts Educational, GSA to sit on our ‘practitioners panel’ offering advice and help to current students. Max also took part in ClassAction’s ‘Acting Up’ day when we welcomed over 100 Year 9 students to college – undertaking a question and answer session about his work with the BBC.