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Becky Dodds, Spreading Her Wings

The start of 2015 begins with an inaugural exhibition for a bright young talent to the McAllister Thomas Fine Art Gallery. Dodds was born in Surrey. She studied Art A level at Godalming College before joining the foundation course in art at Falmouth University and continuing her studies at Bath Spa University where she completed a Degree in Fine Art in 2014. Becky's abstract landscape paintings are formed using predominantly oils but also manipulated with a number of other mediums to produce stunning textures and finishes.

"I am a painter who is interested in the landscape both in macrocosm and microcosm. My own passion and understanding of the landscape is of paramount importance and primarily comes from my experiences of being within it. Interested in how we view the land and how our interaction with it makes us feel, my paintings possess an ambiguity which is held between the figurative and the abstract.

My work is ephemeral. I attempt to capture the transient nature of the land. I’m focusing more on our emotional attachment or responses to the land. This often requires me to focus on incidental elements of the land.

Capturing a sense of the land requires me to often work quite intuitively; adapting the paint, through the addition of mediums, in order to change the performance of the material. I am as fascinated by the behavioural characteristics of paint as I am in the painting process – the reactions of different materials to create the varying surface qualities upon the canvas. For this relationship to take hold I am required to control only aspects of the making process such a tone and palette; leaving intuition to play its part.

Light has always played a major part in my work. Light can affect colour and tone, but also it can illuminate as well as block out our view. Colour is extremely important, playing with light/space and sensation. I feel passionately that for a viewer to connect with a subject, an artist should leave out as much as they put in to a painting. This allows the viewer to have a more tacit relationship with the canvas and in my case with the land."

The exhibition of paintings will be run from 17th January until the 3rd February 2015. For further information and to receive a catalogue please contact the gallery.

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