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Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith

ClassAction's production of SUNSHINE ON LEITH was an excellent evening of entertainment 'worth walking 500 miles for'. 

This new ‘feel-good musical’ by Stephen Greenhorn wove The Proclaimers back catalogue into a narrative involving two soldiers, Davy and Ally, returning home to the foot of Leith-Hill from Afghanistan, where they try to rebuild their lives. It doesn't go smoothly. Ally's marriage proposal is rejected by his childhood sweetheart. Clearly unaware she's in a musical, that young woman – a nurse disillusioned with the part-privatised NHS – moves to the US to seek career fulfilment instead. Meanwhile, Davy gets a job in a call centre while his parents war over the discovery, years on, of dad's infidelity. These three very different love stories are intertwined creating a funny, poignant and hugely entertaining show.

“This is the first time this new stage-musical has ever been performed in the south-east and ClassAction are thrilled to be working with these songs by The Proclaimers with all their emotional honesty, sing-along raucousness and political fire – they are a true gift to the stage.” Andrew Pullen, Head of Drama and c/o Director of ClassAction

Sunshine on Leith explores family and relationships with upbeat feel good songs which this production will spill out of the stage and amongst the audience immersing them completely in an in-the-round staging of this funny and moving story about love and life. SUNSHINE ON LEITH is a vibrant, energetic piece of musical theatre, loved by audiences and critics alike.

The Proclaimers, who have had huge success across the globe with hits such as 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)',' I'm on My Way' and 'Letter From America' and have written stunning songs that have a bite and pathos to them that make them feel as if they have been wrenched straight from the heart. This hit stage show was also recently transformed into an acclaimed film.

“Sunshine on Leith is a bitter-sweet journey through the lives of ordinary working class folk and, as such, will touch the hearts of everyone who sees it. We want you to join us for this Sunshine party.” Andrew Pullen

ClassAction raised money during the run of “Sunshine on Leith” for “Forces Children Trust” through raffles and collections. The Forces Children’s Trust is charity devoted to helping children whose father or mother has died, or has sustained life threatening injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.